Landracer CBD Hennep tea 25g – 10%


Landracer Hemp tea infused with Cannabidiol.Landracer CBD UK Tea

Is a delicious tea that comes from EU agriculture. Hemp is also one of the oldest crops that are grown for over 8000 years.

China Hemp was already known BC, 4500 years BC they all used hemp for seeds, food and to make fibres.

Landracer CBD UK Tea

Not stoned, but nice:
The Landracer CBD Hennep tea is from EU / non-EU agriculture. The tea is reinfused with Cannabidiol and contains no THC therefore a stoned and / or high experience not apply.

Use a tea strainer to allow 2mg tea in a glass of 250ml withdraw. Add honey to taste.

Hemp(90%), Cannabidiol(10%) THC Free

25g (12 cups of tea)


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